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Say hello to AI talk therapy.

Inwords is a place for you to feel happier, reflect deeper, and evolve through conversation with an empathetic intelligence named Remy.
AI Talk Therapy and Journaling
Inwords provides a transformative self-guided talk therapy experience by combining artificial intelligence with cognitive behavioral therapy principles.

You'll navigate complex thoughts and emotions to gain a newfound sense of self-awareness through the integration of AI-powered conversational intelligence, interactive journaling, and reflection techniques.
Talk with Remy. Connect with yourself.
To have authentic connections with others, we must first connect with ourselves. Through thought-provoking and introspective dialogue, Remy, an empathic intelligence, will push you to reconnect with yourself by exploring both who you are and who you want to be.
Can’t talk? Text!
For those moments better left in silence, Inwords makes it easy to talk by texting, wherever and whenever you please.
Reflect and grow through conversation
Remy turns the practice of reflection into an immersive experience through each unique conversation.

You'll be asked the catalyzing questions that encourage you to dive deeper inwards, so you can emerge with an elevated sense of self and direction.
Explore diverse topics
Inwords offers an expansive range of topics and activities so you can have conversational adventures fitting for any moment, feeling, or situation you find yourself in.
Visit your journal for past reflections
Your journal is the place to explore all of your past thoughts and conversations. In your journal you can read, listen to, and extend your previous conversations and thoughts shared with Remy.
Don’t just “track” your mood. Talk about it.
Going above and beyond your average mood tracking app, Remy will accompany you in not only identifying but understanding your mood.

With Remy's guidance, you will increase awareness of your thoughts, patterns, and experiences that play a critical role in shaping of your mood. Using this knowledge, you can recognize and apply patterns that elicit your desired mood.
Save your thoughts. Create a note.
Your thoughts are important, so when you make a note you're saving, exploring, and expressing the invaluable content of your mind.

Every note you create is stored and organized within your journal so you can access your thoughts at any time.